A study of the day in the life of enki

Mining does not seem to be the main preoccupation of the post-diluvian period. The Anunnaki seem to very possibly think it is a physical life that is eternal. Please report any typographical errors. The women seem to accept all this without problem.

In the epic Enki and Ninhursag, Enki, as lord of Ab or fresh water also the Sumerian word for semenis living with his wife in the paradise of Dilmun where The land of Dilmun is a pure place, the land of Dilmun is a clean place, The land of Dilmun is a clean place, the land of Dilmun is a bright place; He who is alone laid himself down in Dilmun, The place, after Enki is clean, that place is bright Despite being a place where "the raven uttered no cries" and "the lion killed not, the wolf snatched not the lamb, unknown was the kid-killing dog, unknown was the grain devouring boar", Dilmun had no water and Enki heard the cries of its Goddess, Ninsikil, and orders the sun-God Utu to bring fresh water from the Earth for Dilmun.

And Nammu told him that with the help of Enki her son she can create humans in the image of gods.

Last Days of Jesus Timeline

Like Prometheus, Enki tends to stand up for the human race in conflict with the gods. They invade his brothers land and they become enraged. He returns to Bethany for the night Matthew Traces of this version of Ea appear in the Marduk epic celebrating the achievements of this god and the close connection between the Ea cult at Eridu and that of Marduk.


Many creatures were created with deformities. They account to him the layout of the new gold find and space pad, etc. The snow is melting.

They fly back to Eden and he flies her around telling her of his plans. The below videos and the information contained within are very shocking. Then the same emissary appearing to one of the sons in a dream. For one shar 3, years the earthlings ate grasses.

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It becomes "the deep" from whence the Greek word "abyssos" and the modern "abyss," and refers to the nether world, presumably to the ancient mines. Enki does not tell Atrahasis directly, but speaks to him in secret via a reed wall.

The Extraterrestrial Version of the Flood Myth: Enki is always true to his own essence as a masculine nurturer. The Sumerian flood myth is older than the one in Genesis, which is why I asserted with my title that the Sumerian story is the genesis of the Bible flood myth.

The king comes to Earth to see the new created space port. This move was also forced by the fact that Prince Utu, the secret lover and chief ally of Princess-Royal Inanna in the Pyramid Wars, blew up the Sinai Spaceport to aid her struggle with the villainous Baron Marduk and his consort, the wicked Baroness Sarpanit.

The Anunnaki are gathered together and told of the event to happen and their choices. Sumerian creation myth In the Sumerian version of the flood myththe causes of the flood and the reasons for the hero's survival are unknown due to the fact that the beginning of the tablet describing the story has been destroyed.

A group of more Annunaki, including some women that have healing skills, leave Nibiru for Earth. Enki does not tell Atrahasis directly, but speaks to him in secret via a reed wall. These features were found at all subsequent Sumerian temples, suggesting that this temple established the pattern for all subsequent Sumerian temples.

The Secrets of ‘Enki’—the creator of the human civilization

His symbols included a goat and a fishwhich later combined into a single beast, the goat Capricornrecognised as the Zodiacal constellation Capricornus. It is now the ninety second shar,years, the Annunaki have been on Earth.

But he is married and has a son by his wife. This decision was not until a fight amongst them ended in the killing of the king.

Enki & Enlil

They also make preparations to rest on the weekly Bible Sabbath which begins at sunset Mark Reeds were an important local building material, used for baskets and containers, and collected outside the city walls, where the dead or sick were often carried.

The Earth commander finds Noah and is ready to kill his brother over his deceit. I will describe how they inspired other mythologies and religions, including Christianity.

It is in the below tablet portions: His symbols included a goat and a fishwhich later combined into a single beast, the goat Capricornrecognised as the Zodiacal constellation Capricornus.

War begins between the two kings sons families. They reportedly were amphibious creatures with the head of a man, the body and tail of a fish, yet legged like a man.Enki (“En” Lord, “ki” Earth), or Ea (“E” Temple, “A” Water) is one of the three most important gods of Mesopotamian culture.

He is the god of wisdom, lord of magic, construction, arts, design, and creation. Enki and Ninhursag and the Creation of Life and Sickness The cosmogenic myth common in Sumer was that of the hieros gamos, a sacred marriage where divine principles in the form of dualistic opposites came together as male and female to give birth to the cosmos.

Arriving with workers, he made Enki set up a mining operation in the Lower Abzu(Southern Africa) and took over Enki’s command center and house in the dfaduke.com(Eden).

Earth was the source. Mars was a way station, Marduk, first born son of Enki, commanded that operation. THE TURTH ABOUT ENKI by John F.

The Way: Yahweh, The amalgamated Enlil and Enki

Winston. NIPPUR, ADMINISTRATIVE CENTER OF ENLIL have a life-sized replica of the Ezekiel Airship sitting right there "And on the second day he made the firmament in the midst of the water. And the waters were divided on that day. One half of them. Before we join Enki we all remain trapped in the programs of deception of the system of Anu-Yahweh.

All the present-day religions belong to the Anuists and their sinister purpose is to keep us subjected to the will of our cosmic enslavers and alienated from our true divine father and loving benefactor.

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A study of the day in the life of enki
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