Is the compound interest formula such as would be used to calculate a car loan an example of a funct

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Calculate the amount needed to pay off a loan in a certain time period. What an easy sale this should be. Make calculations based on tradeins.

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Is the compound interest formula—such as would be used to calculate a car loan

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Summary: Compound interest can work for you or against you. The method I’ll use for solving these problems is to come up with a formula for B_n, the loan balance after n payments. Then a few transformations of that formula will show how to solve for the other variables. Example 1: You have a $18, car loan at % for 36 months.

Here’s an example: If you put $10, away in a savings account to earn 3% p.a. for 2 years, the calculations to work out your compound interest might look like this: And you could see that your compounded interest would be $ for the two year term.

Solution The term of the loan is calculated as in Example ( the display will read “DT1 = indicating European formatting. count the actual number of days but imagine that a year has days.6 The growth of money Ordinary simple interest 30/ Problem: Suppose that the loan of Example (1.

Is the compound interest formula such as would be used to calculate a car loan an example of a funct
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