Regency plaza case study risk management process review of the options essay

Evaluate the role of the project manager Kris Hodgkins in the case. One major reason for this appears to be poor planning. What I'm doing is helping you and I'm giving you love. This situation put Hodgkins in a tight spot and many decisions needed to be made immediately to avoid any delays. Evaluate the project definition phase of the Regency Plaza project.

Planning — Risk Response Development Risks cannot be ignored. The organization manages Medicaid and Medicare accounts as well as commercial accounts from employers.

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It was also noted that the management had a different project team working on the hotel but the same contractor. Guidelines for the written assignment: Tasks and Responsibilities As ambitious as RHG may be, following the concept development, they not only left key decisions but also the majority of the project responsibilities and decision-making power to Hodgkins.

Although many possible solutions were provided, however Hogkins did not appear to have used many of them to resolve the current issues related to the project. The management failed to take into account the fact that they are venturing into a new business territory involving long-term residential condominium units.

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Management Essay Examples

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The skills required as a project manager would be as follow; 1. Determine the most important five 5 skills that a forensic accountant needs to possess and evaluate the need for each skill. In general, the last option of moving the Millers to a different unit on a higher floor would be a more feasible and win-win alternative.

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Risk Breakdown Structure i. This will result in lesser probability of alterations and the progress of the project can be increased tremendously, while additional cost due to delays is avoided. Hodgkins did not identify and assess such risks when she took on this project.

How well do you think that Kris Hodgkins meets these skill requirements? The Serials Librarian 39, no. Famine Early Warning Systems: A Model and Analytical Framework, by S.

Even if the Millers decide to undertake this option, extra time and coordination would be required as changes to the unit might involve shutting down the entire floor, hindering construction on other units and causing further delay to work schedules.

Another alternative will be as mentioned before, if Hodgkins had identified the risk of complexity upon taking up this project, she will then have the necessary time to plan out and tackle the source of this risk. This is the leading cause of obsolete inventory for manufacturers and retailers, where their… Regency Plaza Case Study — Risk Management Process, Review of the Options 3.

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Introduction Lewis ; P23 mentioned that haste makes waste and it is very true. Failure or even further delays on this project would be detrimental to their reputation.The Project Risk Analysis and Management Process Experienced risk analysts and managers hold Feasibility Study - At this stage the project is It can also help in deciding between various implementation options for the project.

Uncertainties will happen during the project runtime; hence identification of all possible of risk elements should be meticulously specified, and in the case of Regency Plaza, it can be associated with the design, development, quality, staffing, schedule and budget.

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The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the. Assignment Help >> Operation Management. Case Synopsis: Designed to examine the process of project management during the development cycle of a luxury condominium building for the Regency Plaza group, this case explores the issue of how the design, development strategy, project organization, and project personnel are interrelated.

“Web-based Journal Manuscript Management and Peer-Review Software and Systems.” Presentation delivered at the Workshop on Peer Review in the Age of Open Archives, May 24,International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste, Italy.

Regency plaza case study risk management process review of the options essay
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